“EL ÁRBOL DE LAS ESCUELAS” is a documentary film that reflects on early childhood education through the history of the Escuelas Infantiles Municipales de Granada (EIM).
For four decades these schools have worked hard and innovated, continuously defending their teaching methods which are founded on the creative and community participation. They have become an important reference model for best practice in early years education.  However, every once in a while the support they receive from the education authorities destabilises their ability to sustain the model.  It is brought under threat merely because they approach education in a unique way.
40 years ago, after decades of political dictatorship, an education cooperative was born in Granada, Spain. Together with other organizations affiliated with education they decided to take a chance on an early years education project which would better address the educational needs of children aged 0 – 6 years.  The council was taking its first steps in democracy and offered its support.  They joined forces and with the local council acting as patron they set up the first and to date only publicly financed alternative educational model in Granada, known as the “Granada Municipal Infant Schools”.  Since its establishment their educational model has been recognized both nationally and internationally as a model of best practice.

However, every once in while during the schools´ history, aspects of local and regional administration have placed the life of the project under threat, despite the fact that the schools have made a valued contribution and been recognized for doing so.  Supporters of the project must keep up a constant defence in the solid conviction that these schools educational model both contributes to and generates positive values in society.

These schools have impacted the lives of the several generations who have passed through their doors.  In this documentary we invite you to step inside and see for yourself how their way of approaching education is unique, with participation from the whole educational community (both teachers and families).

Some of the Players
The Director
Miguel Ángel Martínez Venegas

Photographer, audiovisual creator and documentary film maker, his work focuses on community projects whose protagonists contribute to and become part of the creative process as well as being the subject of the final product.

He has co-created documentaries in México, Spain and Morocco.

He is currently working on projects relating to education whose creative approaches provide children with novel perceptions and understandings of the world.

He believes that the impact of the medium (documentary) allows us to shift our perspective from the outside to the diverse points of view taken on the inside.

Credits and technical information
Original Title
El árbol de las escuelas
Isaac Zafra Quesada
Social Media Manager
Manuel Jaime Carretero
Original Concept
Miguel Á. Martínez Venegas
Visual Identity
Carlos G. Marín Benítez
Miguel Á. Martínez Venegas
David León de la Torre
Production Executive
Miguel Á. Martínez Venegas
Manuel Jaime Carretero
Web Design
Manuel Jaime Carretero

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